Hungarian Vizslas  

'Otto ' (Aurichalcum Oberon of Bushwacker) 1998 - 2007

 Otto was bred by Linda Westron (Sh Ch Gardenway Dramatist x Aurichalcum Equinox).

Otto enjoyed a short but successful show career (including winning The Petplan Junior Stakes under Joyce Mann) retiring after gaining his studbook number when still a young dog.

He came out of retirement in 2004 when he won several Reserve Green Stars in Ireland whilst keeping the Hamiltons company.

15th January 2007 Sadly after a short illness Otto passed away at almost 9 years of age. Naughty to the end, his last act was to leap into a whelping box and collapse. Otto was our special dog. The house is quieter, emptier without him. We miss him dreadfully.

'Willow'  Aurichalcum Equinox (Sh Ch Gardenway Drumlargen x Hookside Briar) 1994 - 2001

Willow was bred by Linda Westron and Andrew McNally.

Willow was a wonderfully gentle and well behaved bitch who helped my daughter win the Junior Handling Semi-Finals at Richmond in 2000.

Tragically at 7 years of age she passed away after a sudden onset of bloat and gastric torsion. We were distraught and following her death changed our dogs' diets and we now try to feed them as naturally as possible.

Izzy Izzy  ( Bournehouse Crystal Rain x UK & Australian Ch Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind ). 

Izzy was bred by Penny Williams ( Bournehouse Crystal Rain x UK & Australian Ch Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind ). Her father is the top dog of all breeds and holds the record for the most BIS at championship shows. He was top dog  2006 and 2007 and runner up 2008. So far in 2009 he is the current top dog and top sire. He was the winner of the gundog group at Crufts 2009.

Bournehouse Wild Willow of Bushwacker was named in memory of Otto's mum - who is still sorely missed by us all. Unfortunately 'Izzy' has not taken after her namesake - but certainly lives up to the 'wild' part of her name !

Hopefully Izzy will return to the showring some time in the future...........

Show Results

Blackpool Championship ShowJuly 2006 - Judge D. Arrowsmith.

" A lovely puppy presenting a balanced outline."

At her first show Izzy came 2nd out of 6 entries. She was the youngest pup in the class.

Windsor Championship ShowJuly 2006 - Judge Frank Kane.

Again the youngest in the class. She was awarded 3rd out of 12 entries.

Well done Izzy. Now all we need to do is get you to behave. ................


Although we no longer own or show Hamiltons we would welcome any enquiries from prospective owners who may be interested to know about the breed and what they are like to live with.

We owned 3 Hamiltonstovare's - Frida and her son and daughter Billy and Bliss.

'Frida' Highclare Angeleyes of Bushwacker  1995 - 2007  was bred by Gill Tully  (Tedandi Dennis the Menace x Tedandi Dancing Queen of Highclare).

Frida enjoyed many wins at championship and open show level and finished her show career at Crufts, winning 1st in veteran in 2002 & 2003.

Frida had one litter from Pedisjip Valhalla Winds (I'm No April Fool I'm at Tedandi x Tedandi Scarlett Ribbons)  in 2000 which produced 6 bitches and 3 dogs. This litter combines the 'old' lines of the early imports with the more recent lines of Karat and Mimi.

From this litter 'Billy' (Bushwacker Wild Bill Hickock)  took many BP at championship level, inc BPIS at The Hamiltonstovare Club of Great Britain Club Show in 2001. He was often placed in puppy groups at open show level.

'Bliss' (Bushwacker Whipcrack Away) won several BP at championship level including a 1st at Crufts 2002. She is hip scored and free of epilepsy.

September 2007

Sadly Frida has died after a short illness. We have had her for so long, it feels like the end of an era. She was gentle with puppies and ruled her household kindly. Who will guard all the food cupboards now ?